Warehouses & Open Yards

Warehouses & Open Yards


We have more than 16 weather-resistant warehouses that are built on top of a solid foundation to withstand heavyweights with a huge capacity. It can store up to 20,000 MT and Open Yards as many as 150,000 MT to cater to all our clients’ storage needs

All our warehouses are located within the Jetty parameters to ensure optimal security, efficiency and convenience. We are capable of handling the warehousing process from the moment cargoes arrive and until the delivery of cargoes reach the intended destination.

Our warehouses and open yards are equipped with facilities and other features such as:

-        Ambient and Thermal control

-        Security and comprehensive CCTV surveillance

-        Legal Compliance and Certification

-        Experienced & Trained Staffs that are able to handle high-value items cautiously.

-        Forklifts and Reach Trucks for Ease of Cargo Movements

-        Inventory Control