Jetty Facilities


One of our most reputable partners, Sritama Jetty, has been operating for over 23 years with an official license from Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang (LPK) in regards to cargo handling and wharfage. Our services include providing the expertise of operating jetties in full compliance with the law and regulations, port services, and practical business advice to our clients.


We have a total of 16 wharves that are constructed with safety and durability as our top priority. A draft of 5 meters is made to ensure safe berth to vessels of various sizes performing loading and discharging activities. Our wharfs services are specially designed and catered to accommodate all necessary shipment and movement of cargoes.


We have vast experience in handling all types of cargoes professionally and efficiently. We are equipped with all necessary stevedoring and crucial machineries required for cargo handling, cargo securing, cargo storage, yard stockpile, and cargo movement within our Jetty parameters.

We handle all types of cargoes, such as:

Bulk Cargoes

-        Oil & Gas Cargo
-        Palm Oil Equipment
-        Construction Material
-        Uniquely shaped and sized cargo
-        Conventional cargo

Raw / Dry bulk materials

-        Coals
-        Steel
-        Scrap irons
-        Petrol coke
-        Gypsum
-        Sand
-        Palm Kernel Shell
-        Palm Oil Waste


We own various lifting equipment & machinery required for cargo handling of all types & sizes. Physical handling based on clients requirements can rest assured that cargoes are handled safely and efficiently. We have a specialised Workshop along with professional teams dedicated to survey and ensure the necessary lifting equipment are always maintained in their pristine conditions. With our experienced operators, we ensure that safety is our main priority.

Types of Equipment:

-        Cranes (up to 250 ton) for heavy lifting
-        Excavators / Backhoe Loaders
-        Forklifts - (up to 25 Ton)
-        Mobile Grabbers
-        Bulldozers
-        Magnet Cranes
-        Tipper Trucks (up to 25 Tons per load)



We have a vast experience in handling the weighing of various cargoes such as bulks, dry bulks & liquids. We have a total of 5 calibrated Weighbridges that could withstand up to 80 tons in weight, and a control room built within our Jetty parameters located near our Wharves where our loading or discharging activities are performed. With our own transports and heavy machineries, we are able to directly weigh and monitor all incoming or outgoing cargoes before loading/discharging to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy for tally and declaration purposes. The weighbridge system is surveyed annually for certificate renewal, ensuring an accurate report to our clients.