Tugs & Barges


Since the year 2000, we have been providing tug and barges services all throughout the South East Asia region. 20 years of experience has allowed us to refine our expertise and accomplish numerous shipments. Our most recent success includes the completion of 14 shipments in the span of 3 months for one of our largest clients, CPKO Refinery Plant in Balikpapan & Padang, Indonesia.

Currently, we have 19 vessels each individually built in different sizes to accommodate different logistics requirements designed for flexibility. Each vessel is able to transport small consolidation cargoes combined from various exporters to large, out of gauge, and/or heavy cargoes from a single exporter heading to various destinations. Tug & Barges is one of the most cost-efficient forms of transport in comparison to breakbulk vessels. We are committed to offering our clients top of the line barging services with the most competitive rates of sea mode transport. This is due to Tug & Barges’ ability to venture and navigate through branches of a river.

Our vessels are specialized for:

-        Project Cargoes

-        Dry Bulk Cargoes

-        Break Bulk Cargoes

-        Conventional Cargoes

-        Construction Materials

-        Oil & Gas Cargoes

-        Shipper’s Own Container (SOC)