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About Bulmen LogisticS


BULMEN: Project Cargo Handling Specialist

Officially incorporated in 2015, BULMEN is a focal point of multiple expertise including custom clearance, barging, cargo handling, shipping agency, freight forwarding, transportation. BULMEN was established with a professional team of experts in various logistics sectors with a specialized skill on project cargo handling.


BULMEN Group: Industry Leader

Our group of companies ranges from trading companies to Sritama Shipping Line and Sritama Jetty, which has 23 years of experience operating a first-rate Private Jetty in Port Klang. Although specialists of separate businesses, each company under Bulmen Group focuses on one aspect of worldwide supply chain of logistics.

Each project is analysed by our central team and assigned to specific companies based on the task to be completed, according to the skills required. Each company is a pillar which strengthens our stake and ultimately, BULMEN’s market share in the logistics industry.

We continually honour all our clients who have built long-lasting relationship with us for the past 25 years and provided our team with encouraging testimonials of our work. Their support has given us local and international recognition.

Bulmen is also the leading Tug & Barge Fleet operator, with a total of 19 outstanding vessels, and counting. We also specialize in international freight forwarding, a unique service we can offer as we have a well-established group of companies in China, Indonesia and Singapore. 




We aim to provide highly reliable and efficient logistics services, consistently, to all our clients.

Our team believes in going the extra mile for each of the projects handed to us, ensuring that we are resourceful beyond our limitations. We intend to surpass any geographical obstacles or project restraints through our team’s resourcefulness, network, and innovation for solution. 


Highly Experienced, Established, and trustworthy

With a highly experienced management team who has been in the field of logistics for more than 25 years, along with a strong team of employees, Bulmen continuously strives to provide an established, innovative, and trustworthy service.

Cost-effective solutions at great value

We believe in prioritizing our customers’ needs by delivering high-quality services. Our ultimate goal is to create cost-effective solutions at great value in this globally competitive market. Our team always intends to surpass the aim of every project, and provide our clients with time-saving project techniques.

Logistics Solution for every client

Bulmen believes in designing flexible solutions to empower our team in handling complex processes, or requirements, while maintaining an efficient workflow. Our team is always available for consultation, contact us and we will provide you with a logistics proposal.

Advanced technology, and international network

Our capabilities at Bulmen exceeds many local logistics companies due to our advanced technology systems, as well as our local and international network with reputable organizations, partners, and affiliates throughout the globe to offer our clients with the most complete supply chain of logistics solutions.