Local & International Services


Bulmen is a one-stop-solution for local and international import and export of shipments with a worldwide network. We have the experience and expertise to handle various type of cargoes for freight forwarding services including:

> Less Container Load (LCL), Worldwide: where goods do not accommodate a full container. Our team consolidates the goods with other shipments for a fully loaded container and shipments are separated at the destination. 

> Full container load (FCL), Worldwide: where goods accommodate one full container load. The container is solely booked by the shipper for the transportation of their cargo only.

> Door to door shipping service, Worldwide:

Our team will pick up your goods from the starting point and deliver the goods to the arrival address of your choice. This service includes port-to-door services where our team will also pick up your shipment from most local ports, and deliver it to the local address of your choice.

> In-land Freight Forwarding, Worldwide:

We provide the movement of cargo by road, from one point to another including LTL (Less than truckload) and FTL (Full truck load). Land freight has the added benefits of being steady and flexible, secure yet practical.

> Warehousing services in Malaysia


As a global logistics provider, warehousing and warehouse management are crucial components in being able to store incoming or outgoing products in order to reduce cost and increase flexibility.


We also provide additional warehousing services including:


·  Inbound functions to prepare goods and cargo for storage

·  Outbound assistance for consolidating, packing and delivering orders

> Custom clearance

Our team consists of experts who are well versed with customs, tariffs, as well as government regulations and procedures. We facilitate a smooth export and import of cargo into the country by providing the following services.

·         Consultation to clients regarding custom regulations

·         Represent our clients during custom assessment, examination, and duty payable

·         Custom documentation and submissions at all custom terminals


·         Coordinate with shipping lines for clearance of cargo, with documentation

·         Preparation of customs forms and submitting the forms to Customs

·         Collection of Bills of Lading and Delivery Orders on behalf of customer


We will carry out vessel-related operations as port agents on behalf of clients to head down to the field and liaise with respective authorities. This is to ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, shipping documentations, and cargo declarations are all arranged with the port authorities without delay. It is also to provide updates and report on activities at the designated port so that clients will have real-time information available while goods are in transit.

Shipping agency services include:

>   Inward / outward vessel clearance in Malaysia & Indonesia

>  Crewing arrangement

>  Safety Management

>  Ship provisions

> Shipping documentation

>  Vessel registration

> Cargo Management

> Ship Maintenance

> Port Management 



Air freight forwarders do not personally transport cargo. However, our highly experienced employees assist in every aspect of your air shipment. We undertake all necessary organization and communications with our international network of agents to ensure all our clients’ air shipments arrive in the best condition, and at the right time.



Here at Bulmen, we handle cargo shipping on a day-to-day basis.

Conventional shipping is the ideal transportation for cargoes that exceeds container loading weight, capacity, and/or awkwardly sized cargo.

Regardless of cargo type, shape, loading weight, or size, we ensure that your cargo will be shipped securely, efficiently, and on-time. Our team is well-coordinated, has affiliates at most major ports, and are able to handle:

> Customs Clearance

>  Freight Forwarding

>  Shipping Agency



We offer local land transportation solutions that are efficient, affordable and provide a great value to our customers in moving goods of any size, shape, or quantity from one point to another, including:

>  Dry, frozen, and refrigerated truckloads

>  Local, regional, and long-haul drayage

>  Flatbed, drop-deck, and double-drop trailers

>  Over-dimensional, heavy haul, and expedited shipments


nvocc services

In addition to our freight forwarding services, our team also provides NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) services with our own bills of lading and other needed documentation.

This service enables us to provide our clients with an additional layer of security by taking full responsibility for your shipping container and cargo during transportation.